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Lancaster House

3-Star-Michelin Feast

Twining a beautiful marriage of eastern aesthetics and western aristocratic concepts.

A graceful combination of nature, light and tea culture, PouYuenJi and Palais Collection present you an elegant and modern banquet hall with a distinctive style.

Invite you to be an one-day-owner of this classic manor to have an unforgetable and exclusive event.

Subsidiary Companies

Warmest Log Cabin in Xitou

A rustic and warm log cabin in the forested nature in Xitou, Nantou.

Your senses will be awaken as immersing in the woods and bathing in the greenery. Indulge yourself in the atmosphere as taking a great sip of curated tea by serene mountains.

Enjoy the tranquility of KOYA XISHAN with PouYuenJi heartfelt hospitality.

Subsidiary Companies
Sanyi Park

Profound Tea Culture

In-depth exploration and experience activities in Sanyi Park.

Enter the Pinglin Valley surrounded by Phoebe pheasant, under the gentle breeze of the distant mountains, will take you picking tea, making tea, kneading tea, and tasting tea.

We provide various delicate tea sweets, limited cold tea, and friendly local ingredients for a light lunch.

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